Insta-Loom shows off sights and specialties of Athens

It’s hard to deny that Athens is a special place – those who live here know the town for its scenery, its innovations, its culture and its people, all of which are utterly unlike any other place in the South.

Too many of UGA’s students, though, breeze through the town in their four years, leaving with an intimate knowledge of bar specials and fast food hours but no deeper connection to the city they’ve occupied for four or more years. Heirloom Café is working to change that with their brand-new Instaloom competition

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Ingredients in Focus: Pork Belly

050813 Ingredient In Foucus - Pork Belly 17 LIV

In the age of the celebrity chef, the foodie and the grass-fed golden calf, this fatty cut of belly meat is everywhere – untethered from economics, vaulted from immigrant kitchens and free to populate American menus. Or, more simply, pork belly is Heirloom Cafe’s chef de cuisine Chris Rountree’s favorite ingredient in the locally-focused plates he cooks up at the Chase Street restaurant. “It’s what food is all about to me,” Rountree said of this guilty pleasure. “It draws you in. You smell it, and it’s everything you want.”

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