Our Producers

We pay careful attention to where our food comes from, and pass that attention to detail on to you. When we buy from local farmers, we pay them a fair price for their products, whether it is a dewey head of lettuce or pasture raised chickens. Many of our farmers are not receiving government subsidies to produce their animals or vegetables, so their end product is more expensive, but we believe that the care with which they produce their vegetables and raise their animals outweighs the cheap price of the mass marketed conventional vegetables or the factory farmed meat that most stores and restaurants are selling. There is a story and a face behind the food that we serve you. We know our farmers, we know that they take care of their land, their animals & their plants. We want you to know them, too.

Our Producers change as the seasons change. We also source from several artisan producers that are doing things the way they should be done. This is where we are buying from these days.

DaySpring Farms, Danielsville

Woodland Gardens, Winterville

Mills Farm, Hull

Ladybird Farm, Hull

Collective Harvest, Athens
A cooperative of farmers in the Greater Athens area, composed of:

   Diamond Hill Farm, Hull

   Hickory Hill Farm, Carlton

   Full Moon Farm, Winterville

   Front Field Farm, Winterville

   Cedar Grove Farm, Stephens

   Lazy Willow Farm, Washington

   Sundance Farm, Danielsville

The Pastures of Rose Creek, Watkinsville

Anderson Farms, Comer

Five Arrow Farms, Social Circle

Brasstown Beef, Brasstown, NC

Comfort Farms, Milledgeville

Jittery Joe’s Coffee, Athens

Luna Baking Co., Athens

Il Gelato, Watkinsville

815 N. Chase Street Athens, GA 30601
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