Grass Fed Burger *
Tillamook cheddar, house mustard, chili mayo, grilled onion,
shredded iceberg, Luna sesame bun, with side salad, grits, or home fries $14

Veggie Burger
House black bean burger, Tillamook cheddar, tomato shiitake jam,
house mustard, shredded iceberg, pickles,
Luna sesame bun, with side salad, grits, or home fries $13

Pulled Pork Hash
Baked eggs, crispy collards, potatoes, onions, carrots,
smoked tomato bacon Hollandaise $13

Love On a Biscuit
2 poached eggs on a buttermilk biscuit with breaded pork tenderloin, topped with honey-dijon  $13

Chicken Salad Sandwich
Smoked chicken, pecan, celery, cranberries, and Dukes mayo, Luna wheat, with side salad, grits, or home fries $10
Put it on a salad $11

2 poached eggs in a hearty white bean & tomato stew, parmesan cheese, parsley           served with grilled bread $12

Doscuit Holes
Donut holes made with fried biscuit dough topped with cinnamon sugar
with bourbon salted caramel $6

Cinnamon Roll
Maple icing, pecans $5

Fresh blueberries, warm syrup  $8

Gluten Free Pancakes
Pecans, warm syrup $8

French Toast
Condensed milk, blueberry compote $7

Biscuits & Vegetarian Gravy $4 or Sausage Gravy $6

The following dishes are served with biscuit or toast (sourdough, wheat, marble rye) and a choice of Red Mule grits or home fries. Substitute a side salad, bacon, sausage $1.
Add bacon, sausage to your meal for $4.

The Freestyler
2 eggs* the way you like them 8

The Omelet
3 egg omelet with roasted sunchokes, arugula and goat cheese 10

The Happy Vegan
Tofu scramble with greens,sweet peppers, red onions,
peanut vinaigrette 9


An egg* 2
Side Comfort Farms sausage 4
Side Comfort Farms bacon 4
Side Soysage 3
Side Red Mule grits 3
Side pimento cheese grits 3
Side home fries 3
Side biscuit 2
Side toast (sourdough, wheat, marble rye) 2
Side fruit 3
Pimento cheese plate 10
Simple salad 8

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