In Closing or Last Looks

If you are reading this, we would like you to know how important you are to us. Without people like you, Heirloom wouldn’t be what it is today. You have kept us going and growing. This last year has been a big one for us. While there have been some moments where we could have been better, we feel like it has been our best yet. We have felt so much love from you, from our producers, from our staff, and we’d like to say thank you for that.

Because we are feeling really loved, we feel that in the spirit of going out on a high note, it has come time to move on to a new chapter in our lives. Heirloom will have its last service on December 18th. We feel that it is time for us to focus on spending quality time with our family, who have been so supportive and understanding over the last twelve years.

While we feel very proud of how we have grown in our time as a restaurant, we have left parts of our lives in the shadows, missing weekends, day trips, even first steps to be with all of you. We have asked those that we love most to wait just a few minutes more and then a few minutes more for us to come home, to put both kids to bed more nights than not, to wake up all alone while we make and serve meals to other families and other people that we may not even know. These last few years have given us perspective on what is important to us, and we find that it is time to act on that perspective.

We have truly loved feeding you, serving you, knowing you. This isn’t goodbye forever, but goodbye for now. You may see us pop up here or there in the future. We just need a breath and a nap and some snuggle time with our favorite people.

Come see us for our last days, our last wine dinner, our last Thanksgiving and holiday market. Please be kind and patient with our staff, as this is hard for them, too. We look forward to seeing your shining eyes and hugging your necks in the weeks to come.

Heirloom Athens

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