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Lost Cocktails from the Colonel’s Collection

When Cassie Bryant’s father became ill later in his life and came to live in Athens with Cassie & David, the couple discovered a plethora of classic cocktail books that the Colonel, as Rodney Drennon was affectionately called, had sought out and gathered into a massive collection over the years. Getting into eBay before it was a thing, the Colonel sought out auctions of treasures in pre-prohibition era cocktail books and paraphernalia, choosing titles as much for the stories, background content, and graphics as he did for the actual cocktail recipes. When the Colonel passed away, he left his collection to the Bryant’s and they have treasured it ever since. We were lucky enough to spend a rainy afternoon flipping through the books, and the Bryant’s chose some of their favorite cocktails to share with us at a cocktail pop up on Thursday, March 7th. David will be behind the bar slinging drinks and Cassie will be in house accompanied by several of the original books to tell some of the stories behind the booze. No reservations required, just stop on in and belly up to the bar.

Heirloom Athens

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Lt col. Patrick h Quinn and sylvia

Rodney was our b52 navigator at carswell afb in 1958 -1961 and I was the ewo . We had a great time in Spain and England during alarm bell. Never knew where you people were. We ended up in Spokane wa after Fairchild tour. Had 5 tours in Vietnam .after a bs at Florida st univ. like to hear from ya’all.

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