Boulevard’s Top Three Charming Attributes

Boulevard neighborhood
A Guest Post By Katie Bassett, Trulia

While Boulevard may only be a small area within Athens, Georgia, the neighborhood is indisputably charming and captivating. What makes Boulevard so intriguing? A local may brag about the intimate restaurants, like Heirloom Cafe, scattered up and down the street, as well as all of the great living options this small community provides. A tourist might stroll about the rich scenery, the historic vibe, and the overall atmosphere this single area generates. Regardless of who you ask, there is an undeniable draw to this Georgia town with attributes that clearly distinguish Boulevard as a one-of-a-kind community

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Quaint Living

It is no secret that the enchanting cottages and Victorian architecture are a huge draw to living in Boulevard, as well as its surrounding areas. With options like shotguns, bungalows, and mill houses, homeowners in Boulevard have a variety of options when it comes to settling down in this old-fashioned area. In addition to these delightful homes, the streets are lined with an abundance of trees that glow green in the summers and shine vibrant with an array of colors in the fall making this town irresistibly beautiful.

The surrounding areas of Boulevard also holds the same charm that the small area encompasses. Looking for renting options in Athens or other surrounding towns? There is an abundance of apartment communities that encourage neighborhood unity and provide a plethora of activities. If your stay feels more permanent and you crave longevity in this charming area, Trulia found that there are many homes for sale in Athens that hold the same architectural styles Boulevard encompasses, which is perfect for a small family.

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Historic Ambiance

Don’t let the size deceive you; the small area of Boulevard is exploding with history and personal flare. Below are just a few things that make it special:

Boulevard’s Historic Streetcar: Many reminisce on the historic streetcar that ran through the middle of the road, taking those to and from different areas of town. As a main source of transportation, the streetcar created a tight knit community for those living in Boulevard. Familiar faces would spend their afternoons riding to or from town, chatting about the daily happenings.

Prince Ave: This street that runs just parallel to Boulevard is well-known in Athens for its luxurious mansions and lush greenery. Now, Prince Avenue is an up and coming area for businesses and the latest trending restaurants.

Grady Ave: Did you know that the area of Boulevard has even made a Hollywood appearance? Jeff Mangum, the lead singer of Neutral Milk Hotel, lived on Grady Ave and has various songs based on the small area. Additionally, singer and songwriter Michael Stipe owns a home on this lovely street.

Local Dining

Most believe that small neighborhoods lack a variety of dining options but that is definitely not the case here. Restaurants flourish on Prince Avenue and there are many other local spots, exclusive to Boulevard. Heirloom buys from local Georgia farmers in areas and change up products to match seasonal supply. Some of its suppliers are from areas including: Danielsville, Winterville, Good Hope, Comer, and many more. Heirloom searches for the best produce to match its reputation of providing a fresh, local dining experience. When dining in Boulevard, you are given access to a variety of options all while staying local to Georgia.

Are you sold on moving to Boulevard? This one-of-a-kind community has a collection of attributes that can’t be found anywhere else in Georgia. Whether you are passing through or staking a claim to the area, it is impossible not to enjoy.

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