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Announcing: Employees of the Year



Each December, we ask our staff to vote for one of their peers that they feel embodies the ideal Heirloom employee. We ask them to choose someone who represents what they aspire to be in their daily work lives, who makes the work day better for everyone involved, and who works as hard as they can every day while making everyone else’s lives better.

This year we had a tie, and not just any tie, but a tie between two brothers. The Zock brothers, Greg and Eric, came to us almost a year ago through our sous chef at the time, Matt Needle. Greg and Matt have lived together for several years, and Matt knew that he would be a great addition to our team. He started out washing dishes and quickly grew to be one of our strongest cooks. He shows up early and stays as late as he is needed every day, never once complaining. When times get tough, he puts his head down and works through the rush, never missing anything, but when the day gets a little easier, he is right there ready to get everyone pumped up and happy. When Matt left us in December to move to Altanta, Greg was there to fill the gap, and he has just become our new sous chef.

Greg’s younger¬†brother, Eric, came to work with us a few months after Greg came on board. While he had never worked in a commercial kitchen before, Eric caught on very quickly to how a kitchen should be run. He has pushed himself and pushed himself to be the very best at every task we offer him. He has a passion for cooking, and spends his down time experimenting with food. No matter what, he keeps a smile on his face, and does his best to help others do the same.

These two guys are a light in our kitchen. We are very lucky to have them on board and hope to keep them with us for a very long time. Here’s to you, Brothers Zock.

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