Welcome to our new chef, Joel Penn!

Last week, we announced our new chef, Joel Penn. Joel has come to us most recently from The National & previously from East West Bistro. He was raised here in Georgia, and has watched the food culture of the state evolve in front of his eyes during his culinary education. Joel has learned from many of Athens best chefs, and is excited about this opportunity to showcase his own tastes & flavors, and highlight what he sees as the new direction of Georgia foodways. With immigrants moving to our little pocket of the country every day, it is important to recognize the many nationalities that are influencing Southern food. In Joel’s menu, you will find Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and even North African flavors juxtaposed with traditional Southern dishes like meatloaf, succotash, pimento cheese, and ranch dressing. Take a look at the mouth-watering images below, click here to see our full menu, and come by tonight to try our new food. Updates to the lunch and brunch menus are to come later in the summer. Thanks so much to Rachel Bailey for taking these lovely photos.

Heirloom Athens

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