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2nd Tuesday Tasting-Open That Bottle!

fancy wineDo you have a bottle of wine that you’ve been saving for a special occasion, but that occasion never seems to come along? At Heirloom, we have several wines on our list that we think would be a great addition to a special occasion, but in reality, they would make any occasion special. We sell them only by the bottle, not just because they are so special, but also because they are priced a little higher than our average wines, making it harder for us to sell through a bottle if someone orders a glass. Because of this, you may not have gotten to try these lovely wines, but for our 2nd Tuesday Tasting in September, we think it’s time to make our own special occasion. On Tuesday, September 9th, at 6:00, we will be uncorking those special bottles! Due to the higher price on these wines, we will be charging $20.00 instead of $15.00 for this tasting. As always, if you stay for dinner, you will receive 10% off your meal. Reservations are required.

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