2nd Tuesday Tasting-Women Winemakers-March 11th

Susie SelbyIn celebration of March being National Women’s History month, we are honoring Women Winemakers for our 2nd Tuesday tasting at 6:00 on March 11th. Reservations are required.

Even as progressive as we feel like we have become, winemaker and chef are two professions that are dominated by men. Even so, women are breaking into these industries more and more and showing that they can be better than many of their male counterparts. Whether it be to continue on the family business, as with Susie Selby, pictured above, or to fulfill a lifetime dream, women are becoming a respected and competitive part of the wine making culture. We would like to honor their contributions to wine making, to history, and to our taste buds.

Continuing with the theme, we have recently brought on a new chef, Jackie Burton, who is also a strong, powerful woman. She will be providing the snacks to go with these wines. In addition, Svetlana of 5 Points Bottle Shop and Rose of Quality Wine, some women who are strong and powerful leaders in our own wine community will be joining us.

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