Industry Night Monday & 1/2 Off Wine Moves to Wednesday

Industry NightYou hear that guy reading his poetry at the Newtown Review? Pulling your next beer. The lead singer of that awesome band you just saw? Putting up chairs and mopping the floors after you finish eating. The fantastic artist whose work you just discovered at ATHICA? Taking your order at dinner tomorrow night. The T.A. in your large Anthropology lecture? Poaching your eggs for brunch.

The service industry is full of invisible heroes. People who have to take that second job waiting tables, cooking on a line, or washing dishes to be able to do the things they really love in life, like sing in a band, write that novel, teach your kids, or even just to be able to spend time with their families. It’s time we show them some respect. Starting this September, Monday night at Heirloom is Industry night. Pull on up to the bar for some low cost dinner specials. This week features Darby Farms chicken tacos, Benji’s pork belly banh mi, fried okra, and steak fries. We even have a burger and a beer special. Our grass fed burger and a PBR tall boy for $11. Finally, $1 off beer and wine all night. These specials are bar only, so order at the bar and take it out to play some bocce ball or hang out with your friendly bartender and commiserate about the joys and downfalls of the industry. Hey, and thanks for making our lives easier and our meals better. 

Monday night used to be 1/2 off wine night, but don’t worry, we still have that. It is just moving to Wednesday. See you this week!

Heirloom Athens

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