Art by Susie Burch

Susie Burch ArtYou may know Susie Burch as our resident gardener, Jessica’s mom, or Travis’s wife, but she is so much more than that. Susie is a fantastic artist. She works in watercolor, oil, and acrylics. She has studied under Jill Saur, Tony Couch, Frank Broadherst, Charles Reid, and Chris di Domizio. We have been lucky enough to have her work hanging on our walls since we opened in a few spots, but right now, through the end of August, all of our art is from her hand.

When you ask Susie why she paints, she will tell you this, “When I make art, my soul sings. Through my work, I share with others the joy I find in the simplicity of a flower, the quiet of a long country road, the nostalgia of an old bicycle left behind, as well as the appreciation I have of people working, or playing, or taking care of everyday tasks. Life is what we do, and that is what I wish to capture and preserve.”

Come by and check out some serene watercolors from a series of coy fish, as well as a few oils from a series she calls “My New ‘Hood,” featuring plein air paintings of Athens landmarks that have stood out to her in the past two years since she moved here from Sandy Springs.

If you see her out in our gardens, don’t forget to tell her how awesome she is. Her studio is right next door, so she may even be willing to give you a private tour.

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