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Welcome to our new website, and our new…blog. Looking over the blog posts from Delicious Revolt, I can’t believe that it was May of 2011 the last time I poured my heart out to the interwebs. I was such a good little blogging mother-to-be, but once I gave birth to the restaurant baby it all went out the window. Well, our good friend Natasha, from Nicely Built has been kind enough to restructure our website to make it more user friendly, and to include some features we have been meaning to bring to you since the beginning, including, you guessed it, a blog. So here I go…

Change has been in the air in the Athens food scene this summer. We have said goodbye to two Athens establishments that will always have my heart.

While I have to admit it had been a while since I had been there, Five Star Day was my first favorite restaurant in town. Away from home-cooked meals for the first time, college-aged Jess spent countless rainy afternoons in that front window dipping the perfect star shaped biscuit into a steaming bowl of chicken and dumplings after a particularly grueling all-nighter. 5 Star was the first time I really understood how comforting comfort food could be.

Then there is Farm 255. It is hard to know where to start. I moved back to Athens to work at the Farm, following a chef and a mentor that I wasn’t ready to stop working for. I had a list made out of types of places I wanted to work before I opened my own place. A farm to table restaurant, and a farm. Check and check. It became so much more than checkmarks on a list. I took away a great love for the local foods community, but the people that ran the farm really treated their staff like a family, and that is what stuck the most. We had our ups and downs, but looking back, I am so glad that I got the chance to learn from all of the people I met there, not just about food, but about myself. While I am often bad about keeping in touch when I get busy and people move away, these people are often in my thoughts and my heart. Being at the closing night show at the Farm on Saturday was very strange to me. I hadn’t been in in a while. Why hadn’t I? It didn’t quite feel real. It was like being at a high school reunion, but the school was closing down.

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