Biscuits and documentary provide food for the soul


Soul food introduces the first movie of a summer film series in conjunction with the Georgia Museum of Art’s exhibit featuring John Baeder.

Red, orange, yellow, green and blue toothpicks speared quarters of flaky biscuits. Young children, university students, young professionals and senior citizens sampled each biscuit and checked the toothpick’s color that they most enjoyed on ballots.

Before the film, Carissa DiCindio, GMOA curator of education, announced the colors and their corresponding restaurants: red for Five Star Day Cafe, blue for Peaches Fine Foods, green for Heirloom Cafe and Fresh Market, orange for Mama’s Boy and yellow for Strickland’s Restaurant.

Peaches’ biscuits satiated the judges’ palates, but the audience preferred Heirloom’s biscuits.

Read more at The Red & Black website.

Heirloom Athens

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