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Heirloom is excited to announce that we are offering bi-weekly kid’s classes taught by our beloved morning staffer, Keara Connor. Keara is the former art director for the Greensboro Children’s Museum, and has come to Athens to pursue a graduate degree in Art Education. We are lucky enough here to have her putting on a series of classes called The Secret Life of Herbs. We had our first class a couple of weeks ago where a few lucky children learned how to dry their own herbs, make a reusable tea bag, and put them together to enjoy tea at the class and at home. The classes are $7, run from 3:00-4:00, and are limited to 10 participants. Snacks and juice are provided as well. Please email to reserve.

Class Schedule:

Sept. 10 –Make Your Own Potpourri Pillow
Oct. 1 –Make Your Own Herb Wreath
Oct. 15 –Make Your Own Herb Paper

Classes to come after these–pumpkin decorating, make your own pumpkin pie, Christmas cookie decorating, and build your own gingerbread house.

Ever wonder about where our chicken and eggs come from? Meet Daniel Dover and his wonderful operation Darby Farms! Daniel is the sweetest, most laid back guy anyone ever knew, and he was kind enough to welcome our staff onto his land for and educational tour. Everyone had a wonderful time and really got to know where their food is coming from. Daniel Dover is a self taught animal farmer in Good Hope, GA, close to Monroe. He works endless hours to keep his chickens and now pigs as happy as they can be, and to ensure that the end of their lives are as humane as possible.

The little peeps start their lives in an incubation house until they are big enough to live in the wild on their own, then they are moved to a fenced in pasture area, which is shifted to a new plot of land every day to ensure that they eat the freshest bugs and seedlings Daniel’s pastures have to offer. He has a wonderful set up for his laying hens as well. Two houses made out of converted old cars provide shelter and nesting space, and they have free range to roam all around these shelters. When night falls, they line up to go one by one to sleep, and Daniel closes them in to protect them from the stray coyote here and there. His three Great Pyrenese dogs do a good job of protecting them from predators at all, making quite a bit of noise if anything comes near. We are proud to serve the eggs and chickens from this farm, and we hope you enjoy them as well. Check back soon to find out more about his pig operation.

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