cheese plate $6 each

Sweet Grass Dairy Griffin
medium bodied, porter washed farmhouse
Cow, Thomasville, GA

Sweet Grass Dairy Asher Blue
earthy, crumbly, mild and creamy
Cow, Thomasville, GA

Sweet Grass Green Hill
buttery flavor, thin rind, silky texture
Cow, Thomasville, GA


Pimento Cheese Plate 10
col fermentado, celery, candied nuts,
house saltines

Smoked Pork Rilletes 12
house mustard, diner egg, wilted greens

Charred Sweet Potato Ⓥ GF 7
Day Spring sweet potato, spiced benne, smoked sorghum, red apple, tahini

Deviled Eggs GF 5
dres­sed seasonal greens

Black-eyed Pea Hummus Ⓥ 6
house saltines or crudite

Mac & Cheese 5
Cheddar, pambazo cornbread, scallions


Chicken Mull 5/9
our house soup, native to the Athens area, rich chicken broth,
pulled chicken, smoked root vegetables, buttermilk,
house hot sauce, house saltines

Harvest Squash Soup Ⓥ GF 5/9
Butternut squash, guajillo, sunflower seed gremolata

Chicory Salad GF 9
local frisee, hazelnuts, orange, sea island peas, shaved egg yolk, preserved lemon dressing

Fall Salad GF 9
Mixed greens, roasted butternut squash, candied pecans, apples, Mulligan feta,
sweet mustard vinaigrette
add a protein to salad 4


Roasted Pork Loin GF 24
Sweet potato mash, roasted apples and turnips, spiced pecans,
cinnamon pecan cream

Cornmeal Dusted Catfish GF 21
Red Mule grits, Day Spring cornmeal, pole beans, baby bok choy,
white wine pan sauce

Springer Mountain Chicken Breast 21
Sea Island red peas, root vegetable hash, smoked chicken gravy

Brasstown Beef Tri-Tip GF 27
Day Spring sweet potato, brandied cherries, grilled raddichio,
strained buttermilk, wine reduction

Vegetable Plate Ⓥ GF 18
a changing assortment of southern goodies, currently:
benne glazed moranga squash, ancho braised lentils, collard greens,
hickory smoked kohlrabi

Veggie Burger Ⓥ 13
house lentil pecan burger, Tillamook cheddar, tomato shiitake jam,
house mustard, shredded iceberg, pickles,
Luna Bakery bun, side salad or fries

Grass Fed Burger * [Pastures of Rose Creek, Watkinsville, Ga] 14
Tillamook cheddar, house mustard, chili mayo, grilled onion,
shredded iceberg, Luna sesame bun, side salad or fries

815 N. Chase Street Athens, GA 30601
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