Pimento Cheese Plate 10
Smoked pecans, celery, chow chow, house saltines

Black Eyed Pea Hummus Ⓥ 6
Olive oil, house saltines or crudite

Mac & Cheese 7
Cheddar, pambazo cornbread, scallions

Deviled Eggs (GF) 5
Pickled red onion, mixed greens

Chicken Mull 7/9
Our house soup, native to the Athens area, rich chicken broth, pulled chicken, smoked root vegetables, buttermilk, house hot sauce, house saltines

Broccoli Soup 5/7
Cheddar crisp, lardons, poblano oil

Simple Salad (GF)  5
Local lettuces, shaved radish, herbs, sunflower seeds, a choice of herb buttermilk dressing or sweet mustard vinaigrette
add a protein to salad 3

Harvest Salad  (GF) 10

Roasted beets & winter squash, kale, arugula, sumac toasted pumpkin seeds, Asher Blue cheese, sweet mustard vinaigrette
add a protein to salad 3


Sandwiches come with chips or a small salad with sweet mustard vinaigrette or cotija buttermilk dressing.
Substitute fries, fruit, or roasted vegetables for $1, or cup of soup for $3.50.

Cobb Salad 12
Local lettuces, grilled chicken, candied bacon, hard boiled egg, Asher Blue cheese, oven dried tomatoes, herb buttermilk dressing

Chase & Boulevard Bowl Ⓥ GF 12
A healthy grain bowl with a rotating seasonal selection of beans, veggies and greens
Add a fried egg on top +2
Add chicken or tofu +4

Pimento Cheese Sandwich 8
Grilled onions, toasted Luna wheat bread
Add bacon $3

Pork Loin Sandwich 12
Sliced apples, lettuce, sage pecan pesto mayo, ciabatta

Chicken Salad Sandwich 10
Smoked chicken, pecan, celery, cranberries, and Dukes mayo on Luna wheat
Put it on a salad 11

Grilled Chicken Sandwich 11

Swiss cheese, honey mustard, lettuce, sesame bun.
add bacon $3

Susie’s Meatloaf Sandwich 12.50
Grilled bacon wrapped meatloaf, fried sweet onion strings, arugula, tomato jam, Luna sesame bun. A family recipe


Cornmeal crusted fried green tomatoes, bacon, lettuce, chili mayo, sourdough

Pastrami Reuben 14
Housemade pastrami, sauerkraut, 1000 island dressing, Swiss cheese, Luna rye

Fried Trout Sandwich 13.50
Cornmeal crusted fried NC trout, radish apple slaw, preserved lemon dill aioli on a sesame bun

Veggie Burger Ⓥ 13
House lentil pecan burger, Tillamook cheddar, tomato shiitake jam,
house mustard, shredded iceberg, pickles, Luna sesame bun, side salad or fries

Grass Fed Burger * [Pastures of Rose Creek, Watkinsville, Ga] 14
Tillamook cheddar, house mustard, chile mayo, grilled onions,
shredded iceberg, Luna sesame bun, side salad or fries

815 N. Chase Street Athens, GA 30601
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