Tiramisu Trifle 7

Lady rings, mascarpone mousse, rum, Jittery Joe’s coffee, cocoa

Orange Cake (GF) 7

Whipped cream, chai tea salted caramel, honeycomb candy

Cranberry Tart (V,GF) 7

Cranberry curd, pecan date crust, coconut cream, sugared cranberries & rosemary

Angel Food Cake 7

Rosewater creme anglaise, raspberry coulis, toasted almonds

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Chocolate chip cookies, vanilla gelato

The Nutty Pumpkin
Pumpkin cookies, pistachio gelato

Oh Snap!
Ginger molasses cookies, key-lime gelato

A Slice of Heirloom Three Layer Cakes 5
vegan chocolate cake
southern caramel cake

Homemade Cookies 2
triple chocolate
oatmeal white chocolate pecan
salted toffee

Il Gelato Scoops 4

salted caramel
key lime

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