Lemon Chiffon Cake 7

fruit, cardamom pastry cream

Chocolate Oasis Strawberry Pie (GF) 7

spiced chocolate pie, cookie crumb crust, strawberries, cognac espresso sauce

Summer Shortbread (V,GF) 7
shortbread bar with white chocolate & blueberry

Peach Cobbler 7
GA peaches, brown sugar, bourbon, pistachio crumble, vanilla icecream

Ice Cream Sandwiches
Chocolate chip cookies, vanilla gelato

I Need a Vacation
Double chocolate cookies, passion fruit sorbet

A Slice of Heirloom Three Layer Cakes 5
vegan chocolate cake
southern caramel cake

Homemade Cookies 2
triple chocolate
oatmeal white chocolate pecan
salted toffee

Il Gelato Scoops 4

salted caramel
passion fruit sorbet
limoncello sorbet

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