Heirloom Catering
Bringing farm fresh foods to your next event.

From small house parties, to office luncheons, to bridal or baby showers, to major events, Heirloom Cafe can cater to your needs either on site or off site. We source the freshest proteins and produce from local farmers to prepare all of our delicious offerings. Below is a sample list of breakfast, lunch, and specialty items we would love to provide for your next event. To set up an event or place an order, please click on the red  “Book a Private Event” button in the top right corner of the page. All orders require at least a 24 hour notice, and a 48 hour notice is required for all baked goods


Heirloom’s famous house made quiches

$45 for a 10 inch quiche that serves 8 people for large slices and 16 people for smaller slices
Includes 2 seasonal vegetables and a choice of cheddar or goat cheese

Farm Fresh Frittata
$25 for a 10 inch round (serves 8-12) or $40 for a half sheet tray (serves 16-20). Cage free eggs baked with a choice of bacon or house made sausage, cheddar cheese, and caramelized onions. Vegetarian options feature a choice of two seasonal vegetables and goat or cheddar cheese.

Biscuit Tray
6 for $9 and 12 for $18
Heirloom’s award winning buttermilk biscuits piled high with butter & house made jam.

Scone Platter
12 for $9 and 24 for $18
Rich chocolate chip scones, butter, house made jam.

Seasonal Fruit Platter
$4 per person
Assorted fresh seasonal fruits, always a crowd pleaser.

Heirloom Granola and Yogurt
$6 per person
House made granola topped with fresh seasonal fruit and a side of Greek yogurt, providing the perfect blend of sweetness and crunch.

Cinnamon Rolls
$5 each
Made from scratch cinnamon rolls with toasted pecans and a cream cheese glaze. They are sticky, sweet, and gooey.


Boxed Lunches

This isn’t your school field trip box lunch! All box lunches include Route 11 potato chips, pickles, and a chocolate chip or oatmeal cookie. Substitute chips for house made potato salad, green salad, or fresh fruit for an additional $2 per person.

Heirloom Egg Salad Sandwich $9
Farm egg salad with a hint of mustard & dill, arugula served on H&F rye.

Black Eye Pea Hummus Sandwich $9
House made hummus topped with mixed greens, cucumber, and pickled onion on H&F wheat.

Chicken Salad Sandwich $12
Smoked chicken salad topped with mixed greens on H&F wheat

Pimento Cheese Sandwich $10
Heirloom pimento cheese and house made onion jam on H&F wheat


Heirloom Dips and Spreads

Heirloom’s dips and spreads are perfect for dinner parties, luncheons, or the big game. They come in 8 oz, 16 oz, or 32 oz containers by volume. Add H&F crostini perfect for dipping for $1.00 for the 8 oz, $2 for the 16 oz, and $4 for the 32 oz. Seasonal farm fresh veggies can be added for $4 for the 8 oz, $8 for the 16 oz, and $16 for the 32 oz.

Heirloom Egg Salad $6 for 8 oz, $12 for 16 oz, and $24 for 32 oz
Made with farm eggs, mustard, mayo, and a hint of fresh dill.

Heirloom Pimento Cheese $8 for 8 oz, $16 for 16 oz, $32 for 32 oz
Tillamook cheddar mixed with pimentos, mayo, and cream cheese. A southern favorite!

Heirloom Hummus $6 for 8 oz, $12 for 16 oz, $24 for 32 oz
Our house made black-eyed pea hummus topped with a drizzle of Georgia Olive Oil.

Heirloom Chicken Salad $8 for 8 oz, $16 for 16 oz, $32 for 32 oz
Smoked chicken salad with apple, tarragon, cranberry, celery, pecans, and mayo.


Platters for all occasions

Heirloom Pimento Cheese Biscuits $24 for a dozen
Bite sized biscuits loaded with house made pimento cheese and charred onion jam.

Heirloom Cheese Platter $40 for 8-10 people, $75 for 15-20 people
An assortment of local seasonal cheeses, accompaniments, and H&F crispy crostini.

Heirloom Green Salad $4 per person
Fresh spring mix topped with seasonal vegetables and a side of sorghum vinaigrette.

Heirloom Sandwich Platter $10 per person
Choose any three sandwiches from the boxed lunch section and we will turn it into a delicious sandwich platter. Comes with chips and pickles.

The Burger Platter $11 per person
Pastures of Rose Creek burgers (cooked medium unless specified otherwise) accompanied by Tillamook cheddar, garlic chili mayo, Creature Comforts beer mustard, iceberg lettuce, Vidalia relish, and H&F sesame buns.

Veggie Burger Platter $7 per person
Heirlooms famous lentil pecan burgers accompanied by Tillamook cheddar, tomato shiitake jam, Creature Comforts beer mustard, and H&F sesame buns.

Heirloom Pig Pickin $11 per person
Slow smoked Anderson farms pork shoulder, house made BBQ sauce, house pickles, coleslaw, and H&F sesame buns

Homestyle Meatloaf Platter $14 per person
Bacon wrapped meatloaf, heirloom mashed potatoes, and southern greens.

Roasted Veggies, Greens and Grains $8 per person                                                       Roasted seasonal vegetables and wilted greens tossed with soy glazed DaySprings wheat berries.


Snack Tray
Assorted cookies and/or brownies.
Small (8-10 people) 30 or Large (15-20 people) 60

Heirloom’s Three Layer Cakes

Choose from caramel, coconut, chocolate or red velvet. Want something different? Let us know.
8 inch, serves 4-10. 35
10 inch, serves 12-16 people. 45
12 inch, serves 18-24 people. 55

Heirloom’s Tasty Pies

Choose from chocolate silk, lemon meringue, or seasonal fruit.
Serves 8-10 people. 25