Cocktail & Dinner Pop Up with Cherokee Moon Mixology: July 26th

The lovely ladies at Cherokee Moon Mixology provide a medicinal approach to crafting vinegars, tonics, tinctures, shrubs, and all sorts of lovely concoctions from locally grown or foraged fruits, vegetables, and botanicals. Currently rebranding under the name The Georgia Vinegar Company, the group is about to start a fundraising campaign to take their company to the next level, jumping from cottage production to building out their own vinegar brewery here in Athens. Their thoughtful approach to sustainability, beauty, and wellness in foods is in line with our values, and we can’t wait to highlight their products at this event. Brian will be creating some lovely cocktails and mocktails featuring their tonics, shrubs, and botanical tinctures. We will be featuring shandies using their products and Creature Comforts Athena, and we will have several special menu items in addition to our normal dinner menu that will highlight what they have to offer. Stop in for a meal or a beverage and get to know these fabulous makers in your community.

2nd Tuesday Tasting: Summer of Loire. July 10th, 6:00

Wines from the Loire are perfect for quenching your thirst and relaxing away from the summer heat. Imagine yourself strolling along the banks of the Loire River, ducking under branches, barefoot, enjoying a breeze through the trees and finding the most scenic secluded spot to picnic with a lovely glass of pink bubbles or a luscious white with the perfect balance of acidity. There is no way not to fall in love with the wines of this region. For this event Alejandro from Normal Wine School and Kate from Quality Wine have picked out several wines from importer, Jon David Headrick, and let me say that I have never tasted a wine from him that I didn’t love. You are in for a treat so don’t wait to make your reservation for this tasting. $20, 5 wines, 3 snacks, and 10% off your meal if you stay for dinner afterwards.