A Wine Tasting with Thomas Meunier of Antique Vin

On April 24th, our friend Thomas Meunier of Antique Vin will be at Heirloom. This event is in partnership with Uncommon Gourmet and Empire Distributors. Meunier will taste us through his exquisite portfolio of unique French winemakers, telling the story behind each wine. Prior to finding a home in North Carolina, he worked for years at a small family winery in the Loire Valley. The values that Meunier took on there are mirrored in the winemakers that he features in the portfolio of wines that he imports, and he has made it his mission to find “true winegrowers that make no concessions, with distinctive personalities that are reflected in their wine. Authentic people that make authentic wine in a sustainable way which reveal the identity of a soil, a grape and a climate- the notion of Terroir,” and then to pass these wines along to the American consumer. Call today to reserve your spot. $20, 5 wines, 3 snacks. 10% off your meal if you stay for dinner.

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